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Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold plaukų vaškas

Uppercut Deluxe Monster Hold plaukų vaškas

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This extra powerful, sweat resistant wax has been created especially for challenging styles where a little extra hold and grip is required.

This product is hardcore and not for the feint hearted. One use leaves your hair looking good for days.

Use Instructions

Apply to dry hair that has been washed beforehand with our Wash Range.

Start by working a small amount of product into dry palms and make sure to spread evenly across both hands. Apply a small amount to the fringe area using fingertips then work from the back of your head forwards making sure to spread product evenly throughout your hair.

Shape your hair to the desired look using your fingers or a Comb from our Accessories Range to give the shape you want for your style.


For the founders of Uppercut Deluxe, this product was the ultimate challenge. Time after time very exacting people were complaining that their style just wouldn’t last or that their current hair products just didn’t do the job.

These people were the toughest sort to please – the sort where style is everything and the look is uncompromising. The kind of people that don’t give second chances.

After a long time testing and researching, this super strong wax was born. When they tested for the first time, the boys were genuinely scared at just how good this wax was…hence the name Monster Hold.

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Uppercut Deluxe yra modernus, tradicinių vertybių įkvėptas prekinis ženklas.1950-ųjų dvasia alsuoja kiekviename Uppercut Deluxe gaminyje. Ši produkcija ne pirmus metus yra linksniuojama kaip pati patikimiausia ir geriausia. Australiškos kilmės gaminiuose naudojami geriausios kokybės ingredientai, kurie priemonėms pelnytai leidžia vadintis vienomis kokybiškiausiomis rinkoje.