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Suavecito Plaukų kremas

Suavecito Plaukų kremas

19,99  . 226 g

Sometimes your hair doesn’t need an extreme amount of holding power that our fine pomades provide. Sometimes, a more casual or a “I don’t bother, but really I do” look is needed. You may also have locks that are easier to work with where styling is a simple affair. Maybe it just needs just a touch of something. With that in mind we present you a truly unique and old school product with Suavecito’s Hair Cream. A hair cream or as some call a “leave in conditioner” that works to style your locks effortlessly without a strong overbearing hold. This product gives your hair a healthy natural shine, softens and conditions. It is also re-workable throughout the day with either a comb or just your fingers. It does not give you a crunchy feeling or any flakes you can get with a cheap hair gel.

Proudly made in the United States.

  • Light to medium hold
  • Medium Shine
  • Reworkable with no crunchy feeling
  • Popular for a more casual look
  • Perfect for easy to manage hair and styles
  • 8 oz.

Directions: Best results when used in dry hair. Start with one pump into the palm of your hand. Work product evenly throughout hair. Use a comb or fingers to style as desired. Washes out simply with water.


Dapper - Adjective; having a neat appearance : alert and lively in movement and manners

Example: “He is very dapper looking, I quite like his hair style - must be Suavecito.”

Disheveled - Adjective; marked by disorder or disarray : not neat or tidy

Example: “Look at that disheveled bum, he needs to go out and buy himself some Suavecito.”


Tūris:  226 g

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Suavecito gamina nuostabias plaukų pomadas, kurios yra stiprios kaip vaškas, tačiau labai lengvai išplaunamos, bei kitas puoselėjimo ir skutimosi priemones. Jau kurį laiką Suavecito yra ne tik prekinis ženklas. Dabar tai yra savotiškas kultūrinis fenomenas. Suavecito apima ne tik puikias priežiūros priemones, bet ir pašėlusį, nuotykių kupiną gyvenimą – motociklai, automobiliai, tatuiruotės ir senųjų tradicijų kirpyklos. Visa tai ir yra Suavecito.