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Suavecito Barzdos prausiklis

Suavecito Barzdos prausiklis

21,99  . 237 ml

You wouldn’t use just any old soap for your hair so why would you use anything but our proven and beneficial Beard Wash for your beard? This stuff is going to get your beard’s hair clean and ready for a good styling application. The last thing you want is to have a dirty unkempt beard, that might have been the style for the vikings but in today’s world that just does not fly.

Our wash will lather up super richly on your face and in your beard for a premium cleaning as it penetrates deep into the skin and hair. It will remove dirt, oils and grime that always seem to collect and wash them away without shedding needed moisture in the process. It will turn that stubborn and tangled beard you have into the beard you want which is easy to style, healthy looking and attention getting.

Directions: Wet beard in warm shower and apply product into hair. Gently massage into beard and skin working up a rich lather. Allow some time for lather to soak and absorb. Wash out and follow up with a beard balm or oil that will moisturize skin and hair.

  • A product designed specially for the beard and face
  • Cleans and protects beard and skin
  • Returns life to a dull and stubborn beard
  • Makes the beard easier to style and shape
  • Made in the United States


Tūris:  237ml

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Suavecito gamina nuostabias plaukų pomadas, kurios yra stiprios kaip vaškas, tačiau labai lengvai išplaunamos, bei kitas puoselėjimo ir skutimosi priemones. Jau kurį laiką Suavecito yra ne tik prekinis ženklas. Dabar tai yra savotiškas kultūrinis fenomenas. Suavecito apima ne tik puikias priežiūros priemones, bet ir pašėlusį, nuotykių kupiną gyvenimą – motociklai, automobiliai, tatuiruotės ir senųjų tradicijų kirpyklos. Visa tai ir yra Suavecito.