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Damn Good Soap Damn good Hand Repair

Damn Good Soap Damn good Hand Repair

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Finally a effective crap free hand repair.

Whether your a fanatic Crossfitter, Gymnast, Weightlifter, Climber, Rower of Construction worker, once in a while your hands will rip. This means your training or work has to put on hold and that’s a damn waste of time.

Damn Good Hand Repair will fix that for you. It has been tested on the floor of Crossfit U1 among others and it has been approved.

The hand repair will fix ripped hands quickly due to it’s natural formula of oils and fats like castor oil, tea tree oil and jojoba oil. It closes of the wound and nurtures and stimulates the skin to heal itself so you will be back on the floor in no time.

We’re pretty proud of the fact that we pulled this off without the use of chemical additives. This version of 40 ml will keep you going for a long time.


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