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Beard Balm – Barzdos balzamas Heavy Duty

Beard Balm – Barzdos balzamas Heavy Duty

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Heavy Duty - All-Natural Beard Styling Aid and Conditioner 

Description: Let's face it, sometimes your beard just won't cooperate.  Heavy Duty will teach all those radical whiskers to step back into line. Reformulated with all the high quality ingredients of our original Beard Balm, this stuff offers that extra hold to keep your scruff under control, while maintaining your beard's natural look and soft feel. It won't harden like a mustache wax, in fact it will make your beard softer than ever! Use it on its own, or just on those occasional bad beard days.
Net weight: 1.5 ounces
Ingredients: Coconut Oil (source: Sri Lanka. Organic, Fair Trade for Life), Lanolin (source: USA), Grape seed oil (source: Italy), Beeswax (source: USA), Lemon Oil (source: Italy), Eucalyptus Oil (source: China), Geranium oil (source: Egypt).

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Beard Balm LLC yra darbuotojams priklausanti kompanija, kurie dirba tam, kad barzdos barzdotų visame pasaulyje. Mažoje dirbtuvėje po laiptais, kažkur pačiame Detroito viduryje, darbuotojai viską maišo ir pilsto rankomis. Kolektyvą sudaro barzdoti vyrai, bei moteriškos moterys, kurios rūpinasi nuostabia komunikacija ir žinoma maitina barzdas jau daugiau nei 5 metus.