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Baxter of California rinkinys Barbe(RED)

Baxter of California rinkinys Barbe(RED)

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Bring Baxter Barber favorites home and keep your face and beard well groomed while making a diference in the world.

20% of retail sales of each kit will be donated to (RED).

Clay Pomade - 2 oz / 60 ml

This styling clay separates, defines and molds hair in place to deliver a strong, pliable hold all day. Infused with natural ingredients such as clay and bees-wax, the texturizing formula works for any style.

Beard Line Up Shave Gel - 3,4 oz / 100 ml

This clear, non-foaming shave gel allows you to see where you are shaving so that you can shave with ease. Aloe Vera provides the calming hydration essential to soothe skin, while vitamins C & E help fight off irritation and discomfort that all guys have experienced when shaving. It is even designed for water-free shaving usage. Whether it is a beard style, mustache, sideburns, neck clean up or a full shave, you can now put it all on the line.

2018 Men's Health Grooming Award - Best Innovation


Beard Oil - 1 oz / 30 ml

The Baxter of California Beard Oil tames any and all beard styles. Enriched with Avocado Oil, this beard oil moisturizes and conditions not only your hair, but also the skin underneath that is commonly forgotten in all beard styles. Vitamin E helps reduce common beard irritations, like flakiness and brittle hair, while promoting healthy hair growth and a smoother, less itchy beard.

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Baxter of california

Baxter Of California buvo įkurta 1965 Baksterio Finlei ir savo veiklą pradėjo tik su vienu produktu: Super Shape – apsauginiu kremu nuo saulės. Šiuo metu Baxter of California priemonės yra vertinamos visame pasaulyje ir yra daugybę kartų laimėjusios prestižiškiausius geriausių vyrų priežiūros priemonių apdovanijimus. Taip pat Baxter of California prekinis ženklas yra tapęs geriausios produktų linijos laimėtoju.