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Everything you should know about beard oil


Beards – admit you see them every day. But why are some beards perfect and others not? The opinion a beard grows just by not shaving it is very false.

You can grow a good looking beard by taking proper care of it only. We wrote about the first steps of growing a beard in our previous article and you can find it here. Now we will discuss beard care products, to be precise – beard oil.

What kind of magic liquid is in these small bottles? What wonders does it do and why is this product often considered the best friend of the beard?

Beard oil is a very popular beard care product now. This beard oil is a mixture of different essential oils. There are lots of formulas of this product; every kind of beard oil has different features depending on the essential oils used for their production. In turn, every kind of oil has certain characteristics and is not only used to get the desirable odour. The composition often contains patchouli essential oil. This oil is characterized with a distinct odour memorized by everybody without exception and treats skin infections. Sandalwood essential oil moistens and tones the skin, kills microbes, is characterized with antiseptic properties and has an excellent odour. Jojoba oil is often used for the production of beard oils. Beside lots of curative skin features, this oil is very useful for hair, too. It provides gloss, strengthens and conditions the hair and stimulates growing. These are just a few ingredients used for the production of beard oil. So, the mixtures of different essential oils have certain features and it cannot be said all beard oils are equal. Choosing the oil, always pay attention to its composition and decide which kind suits you best. After all, the odour of your product will depend on the constituents of oil.

Men often say they do not grow a beard because of itching. It is lower for some people and higher for others. This unpleasant phenomenon often affects a decision to refuse of the beard and come back to razors. Beard oil is the product that will help you to fight against itching. Oil nourishes and softens hair and solves the problem of itching in this way.

Dandruff is a rarer, but very unpleasant problem. It covers your loved beard and does not make it beautiful. But beard oil is an excellent way to solve this problem. By using oil, you will nourish and moisten both the beard hair and skin of your face. Do not forget to comb the beard regularly; these two rituals will help you to get rid of dandruff.

The beard growing largely depends on different factors. Sleep and nutrition are important. By eating properly, we provide the beard with substances ensuring its healthy growing. Growing hair naturally loses certain substances and moisture and beard oil ensures the moisture that is necessary for hair.



You should not forget the odour. It is often the most important factor affecting the choice of a certain kind of beard oil. It is impossible to say the odour is not important – after all, when you cover the beard with your product, you will feel its odour all day. It is a very personal matter and every man’s needs are different. The above-mentioned patchouli volatile oils have a very manful odour that is often associated with traditional men’s care products. You can find a lot of other specific odours, too – pineapples, lemons, ginger, vanilla, mango, forest or even chocolate.



Men often have a false understanding of the purpose of beard oil. For what length of beard is this product? It is incorrect to think beard oil is used by confirmed beard-carriers only whose beards are not one or three centimetres long. Even short hair deserves love and care. If the beard is not long, it does not mean it does not need attention. Other products, such as beard balm, are intended for longer beards, but oil can even be used for a beard of a few weeks (or even one week) without hesitation. The reasons are the same – excellent odour, gloss, nourished hair, absence of itching, healthy skin etc. Thus, if your beard is not long, it does not mean it does not deserve love.

Why is beard oil sold in such low amounts? The capacities of bottles of beard oil are mostly between 10 ml and 30 ml; there are big bottles, too, which can even contain 50 ml oil. Yes, this amount is very low, but beard oil is not shampoo or shower gel. It is not true this amount will only suffice for a short period. This product is used in very low amounts and 2-4 drops are sufficient for one time for daily care of the beard. The product can be used more than once per day and the amount of oil can be higher if necessary. Certain products are sold together with dosage pipettes for more comfortable use, but this product is even simple to use without a pipette. Why are just a few drops of oil sufficient? Beard oil is a very penetrating and often a very thick product, so, a low amount is absolutely sufficient to cover the beard.



Use. This issue is quite individual. Every beard is different and has different needs. Usually, it is advised to use the product one or a few times per day in the above-mentioned doses. Rub beard oil into the beard by massaging with fingers. It is advised to start combing with fingers from bottom to top and then from top to bottom. At the end, cover the surface layer of the beard with a few drops of oil by stroking or combing the hair gently. In this way, you will get the desirable shape of the beard. Yes, this product both nourishes the beard and helps to shape it.

Thus, beard oil is one of the most important beard care products and the beard will not feel loved without it. It is a moistener, perfume, nourishing conditioner and shaper in-one. Whether your beard is long or short, it deserves this welfare. We do not doubt the beard will thank you with a perfect odour, gloss and beauty. Let’s love our beards.

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